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Great Looking, Highly Functional Websites for Voice Over Artists

We Specialize in Creative Mobile Friendly Solutions for Voice Actors!

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Voice Over Websites

We offer three types of responsive websites for voice actors. Everything from folks that are just starting out to full custom sites for voice over talent who need a site built around their brand. Every site we create, features an easy to use drag and drop interface, so you can update audio, video and text anytime.

SEO Website Review $99/hr

We can help with Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) and Social Media Marketing. We are constantly updating our techniques in order to stay ahead of the curve. We have established a set of best practices that will align your voice over website with the top performers in the industry.

Home Voice Over Studio

Our experts have over 10 years of experience consulting on home voice over studios and have helped hundreds of voice talent, both new to the industry and experienced, get it right so they can set-it-and-forget-it and concentrate on what really matters in voice over; being a voice actor, not a recording engineer.

DIY Voice Artist Websites

Check out the all new voiceactor.com DIY website builder for voice actors. You can build a website in minutes without any coding. Just pick a template, choose your styling and upload your content. Free and premium versions available..

Graphic Design

Our team of graphic designers specialize in creating amazing visuals for voice over talent. We create visuals for voice artists, VO agents, casting directors and media production companies. We look forward to collaborating with you.

Audio Services

Our audio engineers can help with Audio editing and Post correction, Sound Design, Mixing, Remixing and Remixes, Mastering, Logo Splashes, Audio Place Holder Videos and much more.

Kind Words From Happy Voice Actors

“I first learned of Voice Actor Websites during a Google search for, coincidentally enough… “Voice Actor Websites.” How INGENIOUS was THAT!? Right away I knew this could be a clever company to collaborate with.
Little did I know that in addition to having a stellar website created, I’d end up gaining lifelong friendships in the process! (I don’t see that service listed on their website though…it must exist in the meta data.)
Their customer service puts Nordstrom to shame. And it’s relentless! Expect total immersion working with a team of the coolest people on earth customizing a website that is totally YOU.”
 – Scott Burns, Voice Actor

“I want to thank everyone at Voice Actor Websites who helped build and launch my website. A shout-out goes to Paul, who, in our initial phone meeting, graciously took the time to get to know my needs and preferences for the project. More shout-outs go to Cameron and the designers, who took great care to make my visions for the website, my caricature, and my logo into a reality that managed to exceed my expectations. A great website forms the groundwork for successful marketing. Of course, the rest is now up to me; however, I’m truly grateful to Voice Actor Websites for being a key supporting player in my voiceover journey.” – Linda Willis, Voice Actor

“When I wanted to upgrade my voice over website, I wanted something that would reflect two elements of my personality: Professional and fun. The team at Voice Actor Websites knocked it out of the park. I have received a ton of compliments on the site, and it has been a dream to use. I can’t recommend them enough!” – Neil Hess, Voice Actor

Voice Actor Website Design. Responsive Voice Over Websites!

Voice Actor Websites is an exciting collaboration between Web Design Gurus, Entertainment Industry Experts and Pro Voice Actors that are experts in marketing themselves in the voice over world.

The Major Problems With Many Voice Over Websites

  1. They break or don’t look right on mobile devices
  2. Not built for marketing and SEO
  3. They are expensive
  4. You have limited or no control
  5. It takes forever to get one built and go live

Our Solutions for Voice Over Actor Websites

  1. They are mobile responsive and always look perfect
  2. Every site has basic SEO baked in
  3. They are affordable
  4. You have complete control
  5. Built fast and efficiently

Our Philosophy on Voice Over Website Design

We believe in creating fast, mobile-friendly, responsive, highly functional designs that are easy to read and use. You have full control. No need to hire someone every time you want to make a change. We think your VO website shouldn’t be a pain in the you-know-what! That’s why our voice over web design philosophy is to ensure everything we build is based on the values expressed above.

Manage Your Own Voice Over Site

Need to change your website for a casting call or specific voice over job? All of our sites let you manage your own website! Every design is built using a Content Management System like WordPress, which allows you to make changes using a simple and powerful interface. And we’ll show you how. The customized drag and drop interface lets you have control of your website without ever having to touch code.

Fast and Affordable

Our voice over website solutions are affordable, designed in order to let your creativity shine through, without having to wait forever for your site to be completed! Our up front pricing means you know exactly what your costs are ahead of time. Select from started, advanced or a custom voice over website.

Get Found by Voice Talent Seekers

The Voice Over world is our industry and we know what keywords you need to rank well for. Ranking high in the search engines will translate into exposure and exposure will lead to voice acting jobs. All of our Voice Over Talent Websites are Search Engine Optimized and Google friendly.

Your VO Space

Voice actors need a place to show the world their voices, and the internet is the perfect place to let your message be heard! It can be accessed anytime, anywhere by any producer, casting director or talent seeker. Our websites allow you to show off your talents to prospective clients, in an environment that you have customized specifically for your brand!

Voice Over Jobs

As the voice over marketplace gets more crowded, there is an ever increasing need for voice talent seekers to be able to find quality voice talent. We work with voice actors around the world that are vetted by professionals. Are you a voice talent looking for voice over jobs? Talent seeker looking for the perfect voice for your project? Let us help!

Voice Over Equipment & Gear

We review all the equipment you need for your home voice over production studio. This includes Microphones, Headphones, Voiceover Recording Software, Studio Monitors, Preamps, Mixers and Consoles, Laptop and Desktop Computers, Vocal Booths, Digital Interfaces and more. Before you buy your next piece of voice over equipment, make sure you are in the know. Have a question about a piece of equipment? Our home voice over studio guru can help.

Free Voice Over Practice Scripts

Our voice over script library is a free resource for voice over artists looking for opportunities to practice reading copy and recording auditions. We’ve put together this collection of public domain voice over scripts as a way to help give back to the voice acting community.


Web Design for Voice Actors, Agents, Casting Directors, Production Companies and more.
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If you rely on talent seekers finding you online, then SEO is a key ingredient to a successful voice over business.
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Get your voice over home studio questions answered correctly and problems solved quickly.
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Need your audio edited? No problem, our audio production pros have you covered.
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Video giving you issues? Let our video editors do the heavy lifting for you.
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Our caricature artists can create a fun, dynamic visual representation of you for your website and business cards.
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Our animators can create custom video animations to brand your videos and intros.
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The VO industry is unique. Web hosting custom made for the voice over industry.
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We maintain a pool of vetted voice over talent for the agents and production companies we work with.
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Coronavirus (COVID 19) Update

We know the voice over industry (as well as the entire world) is going through an unprecedented time. Our team are all working from home in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved and still be able to produce the type of quality work that Voice Actor Websites is known for.

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